You can connect your Lattice account directly to Slack. This will allow you to bypass emails and have all reminders, updates, and notifications sent directly to a company Slack channel. We offer two separate Slack integrations, one for individual users and one for the company. Here we will cover the Company Slack integration.

How to set up your Company Slack Integration 

Note: Only Admins can set this integration

Many organizations using Lattice also use Slack, so naturally, we wanted to make it easy for you to see all your progress, activity, and updates in one easy place. Once you set you your company Slack integration, all important events will appear in the Slack channel of your choice. Some teams prefer to create a new Slack channel for their Lattice feed. Once you know what channel you'd like to connect to, you can get set up.

Head to Company Settings

Select the Slack channel you'd like to have Lattice notifications sent to. Many teams create a Lattice specific channel called 'goals' or 'Lattice'  to keep the information centralized. 

Once you have your channel selected, go ahead and authorize.  

*We are proud to be one of Slack Fund's inaugural portfolio companies!

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