When you integrate Zenefits with Lattice, you can use the integration to:

  • Sync your employees from Zenefits to Lattice.
  • Update reporting structure to mirror your Zenefits org chart.
  • Add or Remove team members automatically as those changes are executed in Zenefits

To Sync your Lattice account with Zenefits, you must be an admin in both Lattice and Zenefits. If you are, then follow the step-by-step below:

Then, Click Integrations under Company

Next, Click Sync with Zenefits

Lastly, now that all team members are in Lattice, you need to invite them by going to People -> Invited -> Resend All Invites.  This will email the team for the first time and can also be used as a nudge to resend invites if employees are slow to accept. 

For more information on the integration, please see this blog post. 

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