Once you have created the review cycle, it is time to manage the peer selection process. Lattice asks that managers select who will review their direct reports. To reiterate, managers select the peers of their direct reports. As an admin, you also can override or add additional peer reviewers. 

Once you create the review cycle, you will be redirected to the peer selection kickoff page. Sending this email will notify managers that it is time to select the peers of their direct reports. We also give you context around how many managers will be pinged. 

As an admin, you can now access the real-time progress of which managers have completed their peer review selection.  We give you the ability to remind all managers who are still incomplete or send reminders one by one. 

Admins and Managers will have the ability to add additional peers for their direct reports once the cycle is underway, but we encourage you to have all peer selections complete before progressing.  

Click End Peer Selection when you are ready to advance. 

Now it is time to send a launch email and officially kickoff reviews! 

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