Select who is being reviewed and who will review them

Lattice reviews are customizable and easy to create. We will help walk you through in a few easy steps. Start by clicking "Create Review Cycle."

Next, you will name your review cycle, for example, "Quarterly Review" 

You can then chose the style of review you would like to run. The most common selections are 360˚ Reviews or Manager Reviews.

If neither of these fit your review cycle, you can customize which surveys to run by clicking "manually select review relationships".

Keep in mind that the survey title refers to the person completing the review (e.g. Direct Report Survey is where direct reports review their manager). 

Now that you have determined the survey styles, it is time to select participants. Keep in mind that the org chart and reporting relationships should be set before completing the review cycle setup.  You can make changes in-flight, but it is best practice to have the reporting relationships set prior to launch. 

You can either select 'all employees' or individually choose your participants. Participants are the people who will be reviewed. If a team member is not selected, they can still be prompted to perform surveys about participants.

Selecting Questions for your Reviews

Now that you have selected your participants, it is time to determine the questions that will be included in each survey. 

Lattice gives you the freedom to ask different questions for each survey style. Some teams choose to use the same set of questions for each survey style and others prefer to have specific templates for each style. Whichever method you prefer, we provide a solution. 

If you are yet to create templates, feel free to check out our guide on creating templates! 

When you are ready to assign templates to each survey style, click through the survey's and select the desired template from the drop-down.

Select what is anonymous and what is shared with reviewee

Now that you have completed the setup, it is time to verify the review cycle details and decide how the responses will be shared. 

There are three options for anonymity in reviews. Keep in mind that nothing is shared until a manager releases the report to the specific reviewee. Regardless of what option you select, a manager will still need to release the report. The admin is simply selecting what is available for the manager to share.

Share all feedback with reviewers names attached: Selecting this option will make the entire content of a review shareable. See below how the reviewee will have access to the full content of the review, including the names of who reviewed them. 

Share feedback, but with peers' and direct reports' comments anonymized:
Selecting this option will make all of the responses shareable, however, the names of peer and direct report reviewers will be anonymized. Notice how the peer reviewers names are now anonymized.

Don't pass feedback through - instead, managers will only share final summary remarks:   Selecting this option will prohibit the manager from sharing the contents of the reviews. Instead, the manager will be asked to write summary remarks that can then be shared with the reviewee. The manager can fill out a text box like the one below.

Once you have selected an anonymity level, go ahead and verify the rest of your setup. If you confirmed that your review cycle is ready to go, click verify and move on the next phase of your review cycle! 

Verify and kickoff your review cycle

Once you click 'Create review Cycle' the previous steps will be locked. Make sure you confirm that your participants, question templates, and anonymity levels are set! 

To learn what happens next, head to managing the peer selection. 

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