After a review cycle has ended, it's important that the feedback gets processed and then shared with every employee. 

For Managers

Lattice provides managers with clear, actionable steps to take after the review cycle ends and all the feedback is collected. To see the feedback on each of their direct reports, first click into a review cycle to see a list of all your direct reports and then click "View Responses" to see the feedback on a specific person. 

Schedule a Meeting

Clicking into a reviewee, the first step we suggest is to schedule a meeting with each direct report to discuss the feedback that they've received. You record when that meeting is into Lattice, so that admins can also have insight into when things are happening.

Share a preview of the feedback

To better prepare for the post review meeting, we find it's helpful for to share the feedback with the individual beforehand so they have time to read and digest the information. 

Clicking the Share button will release the feedback that's been collected during the review cycle, at the level of anonymity that was specified when the review cycle was created. 

Give final manager remarks and scores

After meeting with your direct reports, write their final review summary. It can include a overview of the feedback that the direct report received during the cycle, anything that was talked about during the post review meeting, actionable next steps; anything that you'd like to share with your direct report. 

If this review cycle includes giving each reviewee a final score, this is the time to do that too. Final scores are only ever shared with Lattice admins and never with the reviewee. 

Share final remarks with direct report

Finally, share the final remarks with your direct report. They'll then get an email with a link to the feedback that was collected (at the appropriate anonymity setting) and the final manager remarks. Before a direct report can view this, they must first econfirm having received it. 

Managers can track the status of which of their direct reports have confirmed receipt of the review. 

For Admins

During this entire process, admins will also have visibility into which reviewees has had a post-review meeting with their manager, and who has e-confirmed receiving their review. 

Need more guidance? Watch our video tutorial about the Post Manager Review Flow here

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