Step 1: Setup your account

You should have received an email invitation from your Lattice admin. Please check your email, accept the invitation and create a username & password to setup the account. Make sure to upload a photo :)

Step 2: Select peer reviewers for your direct reports

When it’s time for performance reviews, your admin will launch the peer review selection. This will prompt an email letting you know to select the peer reviewers for your direct reports. You may consider consulting your team members before making selections.

Step 3: Submit your feedback and self-evaluation
A few days later, your admin will kickoff reviews! Go ahead and complete all the evaluations listed on the left-hand side.

Step 4: Manage the progress of your team’s reviews

If you have multiple team members and want to stay up to date on the progress of their reviews, Lattice gives you real-time access. Head to the “View Direct Reports” tab and get insight into who is reviewing your team members, and whether or not they 've completed their review.

Step 5: Write and share your summary remarks

Your admin may ask you to write and share summary remarks with your direct reports as opposed to sending over the full content of their review. Lattice allows you to write summary remarks directly on top of the performance review so that you have easy access to the reviews. Make sure to schedule time with your team to discuss their performance!

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